When I put out the word that I would like people to help me get this job by giving a recommendation, I was astonished at how quickly people responded. Astonished, because I know how busy people are. Delighted, because I felt their enthusiastic support. Happy, because I am hoping that you will be inspired by these comments. I am!


A letter of reference from: Holley Humphrey is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication http://www.cnvc.org , professional speaker and educator. She has studied since 1984 in the United States and Switzerland with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Holley has presented this communication process to thousands of participants in the United States, Asia and Europe. She is dedicated to making it easier for people to create nurturing, healthy, joyful, and harmonious relationships.

To whom it may concern at Alliance,

I have known Patricia Mikkelson since the early 90’s. She contributed to a 3 hour “change the world” type video product I was creating called, “Speaking Compassion, a Language of Mutual Understanding.” Her vision for social change and her willingness to take on responsibility was even evident back then. Since that time, her abilities and her passion have grown into a major commitment for developing thriving, growing, compassionate communities.

Patricia is a natural team-builder-team leader, with extraordinary vision and passion for a world of harmonious communities working, learning and playing together. There is a language for building communities and life-changing, heartful work environments called NVC, or Nonviolent Communication. Patricia has been studying and practicing NVC as a way of life for around 20 years. If this skill were all she brought to a team, the collaborative results would be impressive. This woman is not daunted by huge responsibility. She will not only thrive upon it, she will inspire others to bring forth their shining best.

Recently I invited her to collaborate with me on another project involving kids, teachers and parents. She not only came forward with excitement and ideas, she developed it into a full scale production and marketing plan. (Ask her to see it. You too will be impressed!) Patricia is a natural organizer, excelling in product development and marketing.

I URGE you to bring her in for an interview if you truly want someone with a passion for life and the energy to make things happen. It will not only be your gain, but the benefit for the constituents you serve. I say this with confidence because her heart is genuine, her enthusiasm infectious, her ideas unlimited and her energy to get things done with integrity and teamwork superlative. Creative, compassionate, concerned, conscientious, and committed are five of the C’s that she will add to any organization that invites her to show them what she’s made of. You will NOT BE disappointed if you hire Patricia. Someone such as this comes along only once in a very special while. I would dare to say you will be amazed..

Does this sound like a recommendation that is over the top? Well, when you meet her, you might decide I was undervaluing her skills… you might even notice that I forgot to mention many of her talents.. Trust me, there is a lot more she will bring to the table. DO give her a call right away. Or call me (pacific time), if you want to hear me say all this in person.

I hear you say, you “won’t let anyone in the door who doesn’t ‘feel it’ and ‘get it’.”
I say, hang onto your hats when she comes through. Just be ready! She’s a Mover and a Shaker!

One request: Please write me after she leaves
and tell me if your heart is a dancin’ and your face a smilin’…

H. Holley Humphrey
NVC Certified trainer, 23 years
Creatrix of Jackal and Giraffe Ears
233 Rogue River Hwy #173
Grants Pass, OR 97527, USA
541-862-2043 PST


This is a letter of recommendation for Patricia Mikelson. She is an
amazing organizer, personal motivator and tireless worker for Ron Paul
and community. She has many abilities but I have seen her in the arena
of group organization. She is tireless and very high energy and
inspires others to action with her enthusiasm. She encourages groups to
self organize and follow their passion.

She is and has been a central force in the local Ron Paul group with
which I am familiar. Powerful, energetic, positive, kind, sweet and
thoughtful of others. An unusual combination for a leader. A great
asset. Inspiring.

Richard Potter


YES, YOU CAN DO THIS JOB! edge@madisoncounty. net 479 232 5311


I think this is the perfect job for Patricia. She meets the description to a tee. She is a hard worker and goes after each project full force with all of her energy. She is trained under non-violence communication and uses this practice daily in her everyday transactions. You could not find a better person suited for this job.
Kim Rues


Patricia – this absolutely does sound like a perfect for you. Alliance would be privileged to gain someone not only with your skills and experience, but also with your dream for creating coalitions of communities. This is exactly how you described your heart’s desire to me. I wish you all the best in pursuing this position!

Kindest regards,

Cathy Christian




Hi Patricia,
Debbie here. I don’t know exactly what this job entails but it sounds
perfect for you! I hear a lot of the same things said about community and
small self-sufficient groups that you always talk about. I can feel your
energy and the energy that they ask for feels like a perfect fit for you!
Good luck!
Debbie Lopez


SUPER DUPER GREAT! It sounds like just the ticket and you’ll be PERFECT for the job! Jeanne sunaire@cox.net


My name is David Fryauf, and I am a freshman at the University of
Arkansas. I have recently become very involved in the local movement
to advocate Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. A few months ago when I
decided to check out my first Ron Paul meetup event making campaign
signs, I was immediately greeted by Patricia Mikkelson. My first
impression of Patricia was that of an energetic mother who decided to
come help organize and be a cheerleader for a more political cause
with some friends. Over the last few months which have come so
quickly, I’ve realized my estimate was half right; Patricia is one of
the most motivated, energized, and inspiring leaders I have ever met,
but shes not just a cheerleader looking for something to do. Patricia
is a well informed activist who does research and supports the causes
that she believes in. She has impressed me with her passionate desire
to help others organize and achieve their goals.
I am fortunate enough to work with Patricia quite often on a more
personal level with some of the activity organizing for Ron Paul.
Patricia has over 30 years of organizing experience under her belt,
and it shows in her interactions with other members of the Ron Paul
meetup group. Patricia knows when to delegate out some of the many
tasks she takes on, and she is also a wonderful resource to other
organizers who may need help accomplishing their tasks. Patricia and
I worked together to coordinate a Rock for Ron Paul concert at the U
of A campus that was sponsored by the local meetup group and the
Students for Ron Paul on campus. We are currently working to organize
an online video conference, which will hopefully be a national effort,
at the end of the semester to help connect Ron Paul supporters to try
and accomplish our ultimate goal: getting Ron Paul elected for
president of the country. She is an extremely effective communicator
and motivator, making her the ultimate tool for action at the
grassroots level.
Seeing all the time and energy she dedicates to the Ron Paul
meetup group keeps us all motivated to do likewise and keep spreading
the message of freedom at every given opportunity. Whatever task it
is that Patricia decides to undertake, she will tackle it with
everything shes got, which is why I am confident that Patricia can
perform at any level of office to help organize and promote the Ron
Paul campaign. As a politically active student who is getting
involved in the political process for the first time, I have
thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with Patricia.

David Fryauf
Vice President of the University of Arkansas Students for Ron Paul RSO


Patricia is, in my book, one of the most genuine & passionate person I have had the privilege to meet. In a world where people’s lives are devoted to petty, self-centered career interests, she clearly stands out to embrace her true values and fight for what she believes in while engaging those around her and energizing the ties of her community.

Patrice Gros
Owner, Foundation Farm (www.foundationfarm.com)
Founder, Berryville & Eureka Springs Farmers Markets
Member, Eureka Springs Farmers Market Board
Lecturer & Columnist


Yes, Patricia is a great person to help create this vision and bridge people and communities together. She is soft and open with great intensity and passion for people and the Earth working together harmoniously.

Love and Light,
Tamara peaceinharmony@hotmail.com


Great work, Patricia!

You are doing really wonderful things for the community.

Take Care,
-Sky Blaylock, Director Sky_blaylock@catfayetteville.com Community Access Television. Fayetteville, AR


To Whom it May Concern:

Patricia Mikkelson has been organizing events and people for a very long time and does a great job at it. Her spirit of cooperation and teamwork is commendable and she is very committed to whatever she puts her sights on achieving. Patricia has been very focused on helping our community organize and was key in creating a networking/trading environment for the Kingston area. This accomplishment required working with individuals of very different backgrounds and outlooks on life and demonstrates her ability to be flexible and open to suggestions for improvement. She would be a wonderful addition to your team.


Roxann Phillips, Metals Analyst
Environmental Testing Group, Inc.
1702 E. Central Ave.
Bentonville, AR 72712 479-271-7996

I can vouch that Patricia Mikkelson has a deep belief in the power of self-organizing groups, and she also has the drive and tenacity to support that belief through her own hard work.


Marc Tognotti, Ph.D.
Neighborhood Assemblies Network (NAN)
2903 Mission St. #5, San Francisco, CA 94110
T: 415-824-1854


To whomever it may concern,

First of all, Patricia Mikkelson has done so much for the Ron Paul campaign and the freedom movement. She has led our Meetup group for the past couple of months and has done a wonderful job organizing and leading the charge to get Dr. Paul elected. She is enthusiastic, encouraging, supportive, and zealous about doing whatever it takes to win this election. I would encourage you to hire Patricia for the job that she has applied for. I hope that this letter helps you make the right decision.


Eric Allen



Hi Patricia,

This sounds like just the job you’ve been looking for! Although I can’t speak to your background for their requirements for “product credentials” and being “marketing and sales-literate”, I do know that you have wonderful collaboration skills and that there are probably only a few people alive besides you who so well match their Meetup Manifesto! I believe that your passion for the work can bring you whatever additional knowledge you need to do the job.

I’ll be sending good thoughts your way!!!!




This letter was written because I wanted to help Iowa with their campaign for Ron Paul
To whom it may concern:

I have come to know Patricia Mikkelson during the course of the campaign for Ron Paul. I like her ideas, enthusiasm, and execution of plans for spreading the word about Ron Paul. I like her as an individual too.

Great campaigns must divide tasks to a manageable level for whatever unit is made responsible for accomplishment of a specific task. No small group can win over a whole state. The job is too big and the responsibility is too diffuse. On the precinct level, you get personal involvement, personal attachment, and pride in the mission. Furthermore, each volunteer group has a defined, measurable goal: win your precinct. When the goal is well within reach, people will work harder and longer to ensure that they aren’t the weak link in the chain. The numbers will come in precinct by precinct on the day of the caucuses, giving us feedback at the micro and macro level.

Iowa is the first test. Basically, if our meetup groups could average getting one Paul supporter to the caucuses, per meetup supporter, we would not merely win Iowa, we would win a landslide. We would take it by storm, and the lessons learned there would allow us to take the campaign on state by state, using enthusiastic volunteers to spread the word. There is authenticity in true believers that cannot be replicated in paid employees who do not from their heart believe in the righteousness and urgency of their cause.

I think that Patricia Mikkelson would be a great person to spearhead a program for dividing Iowa into precincts, finding volunteers to “adopt” those precincts, and then getting feedback from the groups about the current state of affairs in each precinct. I have pledge software that I would happily contribute to the cause. This software can be seen at http://www.oscarstilley.com/ronpaulpledge. It would have to be modified to have a list of the precincts, with numbers of voters (probably just Republican voters even though we want to pull Democrats to the extent possible) so people or groups can sign up to deliver a precinct for Paul. This would give us the contact information so we could keep up with progress, send out practical tips and ideas, etc.

This one project could be as significant as Trevor Lyman’s 5th of November. Right now the polling numbers in Iowa don’t look good. I watch them almost daily on http://www.rasmussenreports.com If we pull off a win in Iowa, that will shock the opposition and bring a crowd of roaring Ron Paul fans to their feet, their phones, and their email programs, ready to pull off wins state by state.

I hope Patricia Mikkelson gets picked for this job. If you want to talk to me about resources, probable costs, the time frame and goals, please don’t hesitate to call.

Oscar Stilley

Oscar Stilley, Attorney at Law
701 South 21st Street

Fort Smith, AR 72901

(479) 573.0726 phone
(479) 573.0647 fax